Monday, May 9, 2011

Korean BBQ

On Mother's Day, I wanted to try something new for dinner. We went to a Korean Restaurant called Shik Do Rak Korean BBQ

It was definitely a unique experience for us. I never thought I would ever like Korean food until yesterday. We ordered BBQ chicken & beef. They gave us 10 different side dishes and I liked all of them except for one. We also ordered a bottle of YIPSEJOO Rice Wine. It was good. It's got 20% alcohol.
Price is about $20-$25 per person. Not bad for a special mother's day meal.

If you'd like to try this restaurant, here's their locations and phone numbers.

Garden Grove, CA (714)534-7668
Los Angeles, CA (213)384-4148
Irvine, CA (949)653-7668

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